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Supporting Strichen School in the VEX IQ Robotics Competition

AM Campbell Electrician’s were delighted to support Strichen Primary School in the Vex IQ Robotics Competition, which was held in Telford.


The staff and pupils at Strichen School are excited, and proud, with the achievements of their Robot Rapids Team and really enjoyed being part of the journey. As a result, pupils in other classes have been inspired to get involved in robotics.


Congratulations to the team of pupils and staff who came third out of the whole UK.


As a result of our participation, both companies were thanked in person, followed by the opportunity to present, to the children, as part of the school’s “Developing the Young Workforce” project. This project is designed to inform the children of our career journey and business.


JBS Group and AM Campbell’s were delighted to present, and to take fantastic questions, from the children, the presentation included a practical problem-solving task, encouraging the pupils to ask questions and solve the problem.


Delighted to say they passed the test with flying colours!!

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